Step By Step Purchasing Guide

  1. My Basket

    After choosing the items you wish to purchase, click on the ‘My Basket’ button and you will be sent to your shopping basket. This page will show you the items you have ordered, the quantity ordered, and any personalised details.

    On this page you are also able to change the number of items you have ordered. Simply enter revised details in the relevant boxes and click on the ‘Update Quantities’ button. You can then either continue shopping or checkout by clicking on the buttons provided.

  2. Checkout - Delivery Options

    On this page you select your choice of delivery option. Once you are happy with the information you have supplied you should click ‘continue’.

  3. Checkout - Your Details

    On this page you will be asked to supply your name, address (which must be the same address as the one your payment card statement is sent to), and e-mail address. If the Delivery Address is different from the Billing address, you should click the appropriate button and supply those details, as well.

  4. Checkout - Order Summary

    This page summarises the order you are about to make. Before proceeding, please ensure that your order details, and all other details you have supplied, are correct; details can be changed by clicking the ‘go back’ button.

  5. Checkout - Payment Details

    On this page you will be asked to fill out all your payment card details. Check that the information is correct and, when you are ready to order, click the ‘order’ button.

  6. Checkout - Order Confirmation

    If your payment for the transaction has been authorised by your payment card’s issuer then this page will tell you our Order Number for your order. If payment is not authorised then the transaction will not proceed and you will be returned to the Payment Details page. Our payment agent - securetrading - will send an e-mail to the billing address you provided with their Transaction Reference. We will send you an e-mail with the details of your order and will provide you with a final confirmation when the item(s) has been dispatched.

    If you have any queries that are not covered here please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours during weekdays.