Who are we?

Historic Newspapers is a part of Signature Gifts, a personalised gift company specialising in creative ideas in print. We create, develop and manufacture most of the gifts we sell, ensuring our products reach you in perfect condition.

Our range of personalised gifts are sold via many leading mail order, online and high street retailers as well as through our own web sites, including:

Historic Newspapers An original newspaper is a perfect commemorative gift, for any special occasion, such as a 50th birthday, or key anniversary. With 7m newspapers, we own the largest private archive and can supply papers for virtually any date. Directly access our database - check out editions available for your date & choose one of our attractive gift packs.

Great Personalised Gifts

Great Company History

Signature Gifts was established in 2003 by Kevin Spindler & Mike Herbert to use the growing power of the internet to bring together ever more innovative and creative personalised gifts.

Rapid growth was complimented by the merger of Historic Newspapers and Remember When – long established company’s with a wealth of experience in delivering one-off personalised gifts to thousands of loyal customers.

Signature Gifts quickly established itself as a leading company in the creation, manufacture and distribution of highly innovative personalised gifts and today we ship over a quarter of a million individual products every year.

We have close relationships with virtually all the national newspapers who send us daily their recent editions. If you contact a newspaper to obtain a recent back issue, it is likely to be supplied by Signature Gifts. We have scanned a number of titles for virtually every day going back a 100 years, and have licenses from these newspapers to reproduce their titles.

Great Customer Service

We understand the extra attention needed in selling personalised gifts and you can expect your order to be delivered correctly and promptly.

We take great pride and care to ensure our customers receive a fantastic service. Our contact details are easily found on all our sites, and we have a team of trained professional customer service operators who answer calls promptly without bombarding callers with a thousand options.

We provide easily accessible on-line facilities to further enhance our after care service – such as our online tracking service where customers can check the status of their orders or our facility to allow customers to change or order different personalisation details on our book products (more info).

As we create and manufacture the products ourselves, you have the assurance that we can solve issues quickly.

Great People

We are justifiably proud of our people, many of whom have been with us for years and all contribute to make us the great company we believe we are and always strive to be.

Our team consist of highly skilled and experienced personnel, in a wide range of expertise including print, reprographics, archiving, research, graphic design, web development, programming, order fulfillment, marketing, and of course customer service.

Great Locations

We are currently located at two sites:

  • Wigtown, Scotland - our large archive of newspapers and book production is in the rural and breathtaking beautiful coastal region of South West Scotland in Wigtown
  • Hertfordshire, England - our sales, marketing, customer services and bespoke production is located 30 miles north of London.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about us or our services and products, please visit www.signature-gifts.co.uk or any of our sites above. Alternatively please give us a call on 03300 660400.